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>import std/[strutils, strscans]
>import emails
Hi there,

Welcome back to this edition of the Replit newsletter! In this edition:
  • Heroic Games with Heroic Labs
  • 100% nixified
  • Get started with Solidity
  • Link a custom domain to your Repl
  • Viral Repls!
  • Goodbye and Events
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Oh, and if you're curious, the language used in this newsletter is... Nim

>proc game(): Server =

People are busy making thousands of games using the Kaboom.js game library! But, one thing games developers struggle with is going from single-player, to multiplayer. Luckily, there’s Heroic Labs, a tool used for creating game servers that can do anything from syncing player actions to matchmaking and lobbies. When you combine the speed and power of Kajam with the internet speeds and capabilities of Heroic Labs, you’ll have a polished multiplayer game experience like no other. To learn more on how to get started, check out our blog post!

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The great merge of Replit and Nix


One package manager to rule them all, one database to find them, one symlink to bring them all, and in the stores bind them; In the Land of UNIX filesystem, where the dependencies lie. Every Repl on Replit now has support for the Nix package manager. With it, anyone can install tens of thousands of packages included in Nix! Nix's packages are reproducible, meaning everytime you run your Repl, there will never be any conflicts. To learn more about the benefits and how we made the transition, see our blog post.

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Contract* = Smart

Did you know that in just a few clicks, you can deploy to the Ethereum blockchain using Replit? You can do this through the power of our Solidity template. Solidity is a programming language which gives developers the ability to quickly write dApp (Decentralized Applications). If you’re interested in getting started, all the instructions can be found in our recent blog post. Start building the future today. Plus, stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Hello NFT World! Hackathon!

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Connect a custom domain

>block domain:

Every developer eventually builds their own website, it’s basically a rite of passage at this point. And at Replit, that is super easy. But due to internet restrictions, they’ll always have “.repl.co” to the end. Luckily, there is a way around this. If you decide to buy a domain, (such as https://aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com/) you can link your Repl to that domain, and have your Replit code running on your own URL. If this sounds like something you want to do, check out our quick YouTube tutorial to learn how you can get started!

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Text dungeon

>case viralRepl:

Welcome back to the Viral Repls section! Let's take a look at what's new in the community. Many Repls from before like Wendy’s and Online Chess are still going strong, but @InvisibleOne’s RandomDungeon game is turning heads! Using your keyboard, move around a text dungeon, finding weapons and fighting bad guys! While Replers are fighting monsters, others are practicing their… digging skills… in @HyperAlternative’s Digging Simulator. Dig deep to discovery items that you can sell and *checks notes* fight a boss? Digging Simulator is definitely a game to check out when you get the chance.

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Watch this!

>echo "Join the Town Hall!"

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Replit newsletter! With so many resources from Solidity to Heroic Games, we can’t wait to see what you build next! And if you want to watch us build things, follow us on Twitch and stay updated on our Discord Server. We’re planning to learn the Rust programming language live along with speedrunning building “snake” in the upcoming week! And if you'd like to give suggestions on events we should host, we’re going to be holding a Town Hall on March 10th, so stay tuned to our Twitter for more information. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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